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Five Simple Tips For Those Interested In Living Green

remove your footprintThese days, more people are making the decision to lead a greener lifestyle. While this is quite commendable, many others would follow suit if they didn’t believe that it was a complicated process. Here are a few simple ways that you can go green without stress.After reading them, you will certainly think of living green in an entirely different way.

1. Take Baths

Many people do not realize this, but taking showers is a great way to waste a ton of water. While it may seem like more water is used when the entire bathtub is filled. The reality is that this is much less than you realize is going down the drain every time you step into the shower. You may have to allot extra time when switching from showers to baths, but the water savings is definitely worth it.

2. Switch Your Light Bulbs

While it used to be difficult to find energy efficient bulbs, you can find them everywhere now, including drugstores and dollar stores. They are moderately inexpensive and they will save energy and money over time. The average energy-efficient bulb lasts years longer than traditional bulbs. As a result, you will not have to replace them as often.

3. Fill Up Washers And Dishwashers

Whether you realize this or not, some people tend to operate these machines when they are less than full. As a result, tons of water and electricity are wasted. If you wait until they are at their capacity, you will not have to use them as much. Even though it may feel like loading them up will not give you the desired cleanliness, the reality is that this is just as effective as leaving extra space.

4. Start Walking

Living green cannot be discussed without mentioning gas consumption. Incredibly, many people use most of their gas going places that are pretty close to where they live. While it may seem much more convenient to hop in the car to go get that gallon of milk you need, try going for a walk. It will take you a bit longer to reach your intended destination and return home, but you will use far less gas than normal, which will save natural resources and money.

5. Buy A Reusable Water Bottle And A Filter

It is healthy for people to consume as much water as possible, yet it can do a real number on the environment. While many people choose to recycle, others toss their empty water bottles in the trash. Instead of buying bottled water, purchase a filter for your faucet and a reusable water bottle. This will provide you with all of the clean water you need without creating a ton of plastic waste.

Living a greener lifestyle does not have to be something that intimidates you. By integrating all of these simple ideas into your daily life, you will make a huge impact while exerting minimal effort. Get started right away; Mother Nature will thank you for it.